Table 11

Within-subject results from repeated measures ANOVA of total PLFA and lipid biomarkers in vineyard samples. Presented for each within subject effect are an F statistic, significance level (p), and degrees of freedom (df) for the numerator (n) and denominator (d).

Total PLFABranched FA (%)Fungal FA (%)
Sourcedfn, dfdFpdfn, dfdFpdfn, dfdFp
Date2, 4412.1<0.00012, 4490.6<0.00012, 4468.2<0.0001
Date*block6, 442.2ns6, 445.70.00026, 441.3ns
Date*cover crop8, 443.30.0058, 441.6ns8, 440.8ns
Date*position2, 4411.6<0.00012, 445.00.012, 448.30.0008
Date*cover crop* position8, 443.10.0088, 441.4ns8, 441.0ns
Monounsaturated FA (%)Saturated FA (%)10 Methyl FA (%)
Sourcedfn, dfdFpdfn, dfdFpdfn, dfdFp
Date2, 449.50.00072, 440.3ns2, 4422.1<0.0001
Date*block6, 444.90.0016, 440.9ns6, 444.90.0006
Date*cover crop8, 441.0ns8, 440.6ns8, 441.6ns
Date*position2, 445.60.012, 441.7ns2, 442.4ns
Date*cover crop* position8, 441.0ns8, 442.0ns8, 441.6ns