Table 5

Influence of pruning method and level on vine growth, crop yield, and cropping indicies of Cabernet Sauvignon trained to a divided canopy quadrilateral trellis system, Oakville, California, 1992 season.

Divided-canopy quadrilateral cordon
ParameterStandard spur prunedaHedge prunedMinimal prunedSignif.
a24 two-bud spurs.
Total shoots/vine412443620.0001
Total clusters/vine752332740.0001
Shoot length (cm)12756320.0001
Total leaf area/vine (m2)14.821.018.20.0001
Crop yield/vine (kg)11.824.322.00.0001
Pruning wt/vine (kg)1.412.140.460.0001
Yield/pruning wt (kg/kg)8.411.347.80.0001
Leaf area/crop wt (m2/kg)1.250.860.820.001
Total soluble solids (Brix)22.120.419.90.001