Table 4

Influence of pruning method and level on vine growth, crop yield, and cropping indicies of Cabernet Sauvignon trained to a single-canopy bilateral cordon trellis system, Oakville, California, 1992 season.

Single-canopy bilateral cordon
ParameterStandard spur prunedaHedge prunedMinimal prunedSignif.
a24 two-bud spurs.
Total shoots/vine361913140.0001
Total clusters/vine692252990.0001
Shoot length (cm)15260410.0001
Total leaf area/vine (m2)16.223.820.10.0001
Crop yield/vine (kg)9.820.215.90.0001
Pruning wt/vine (kg)1.301.530.290.0001
Yield/pruning wt (kg/kg)7.513.254.80.0001
Leaf area/crop wt (m2/kg)1.651.171.260.001
Total soluble solids (Brix)22.420.820.70.0001