Table 3

Influence of trellis system on the amount of shoot and leaf growth and crop yield of Cabernet Sauvignon. Data represents the average of three in-row vine spacings (1 m, 2 m, and 3 m) and two rootstocks (110R and O39-16) for three years, 1993–1995.

Trellis-training system
No. shoot/vine27.334.846.345.346.849.70.0001
No. shoot/m canopy14.
Shoot length (cm)1301421021201031360.0001
No. node/shoot24.025.520.223.821.325.20.0001
Internode length (cm)
Primary leaf area/shoot (cm2)2280247017902120181023800.0001
Lateral leaf area/shoot (cm2)105011906109006009500.0003
Lateral leaf area (%)28.530.524.528.723.917.00.003
Total leaf area/vine (m2)8.411.610.713.
Total leaf area/m canopy (m2)4.723.202.903.522.984.510.0001
Leaf area/g fruit (cm2/g)14.415.911.913.
Pruning wt (kg/vine)1.582.041.741.991.732.510.002
Pruning wt/m canopy (kg/m)0.890.590.500.540.480.720.005
Crop yield (mt/ha)9.912.815.315.916.818.60.0001
Yield: pruning weight ratio4.
Shoot weight (g)6464404438530.003