Table 2

Influence of trellising and restriction of leaf exposure of Thompson Seedless grapevines on growth, yield, bud fruitfulness, canopy density, and amount of fruit sugar produced per vine. Data are the average of six single vine replicates over four seasons (1970–1973).

ParameterDividedSingle openRestricted horizontalRestricted verticalLSD (5%)
Crop yield (kg/vine)21.920.618.916.52.5
Pruning wt (kg/vine)4.292.953.452.990.63
Crop wt/pruning wt5.106.95.485.53ns
Pruning wt/m canopy length0.871.201.401.220.21
Total leaf area/vine (m2)20.5118.8417.2615.142.4
Canopy density (m2/m)4.157.667.06.151.60
Leaf area (m2)/kg fruit0.940.920.910.92ns
Total soluble solids (Brix)23.021.821.621.50.95
Total sugar in fruit/vine (kg)5.034.494.083.550.51
Bud fruitfulness (clusters/shoot)