Table 8

Vine growth, canopy density, crop yield, and fruit soluble solids of vertical-, lyre-, and GDC-trellised Chenin blanc grapevines, Davis, California.

Trellis-training system
aMeans followed by different letters in rows indicates significant differences at the indicated significance level.
Total shoots/vine62.2 aa68.1 a77.1 b0.007
Shoots/m canopy length28.3 a15.5 b17.5 b0.01
Leaf area (m2)/m canopy length9.9 a5.0 b3.4 c0.01
Crop yield/vine (kg)35.4 a43.7 b41.3 b0.01
Pruning wt/vine (kg)4.4 a5.1 b3.4 c0.05
Pruning wt/canopy length (kg/m)1.8 a1.0 b0.7 b0.05
Crop yield/pruning wt ratio (kg/kg)8.0 a8.5 a12.1 b0.05
Leaf area/crop wt (m2/kg)0.68 a0.55 b0.40 c0.01
Total soluble solids (B)19.8 a21.6 b20.6 c0.02