Table 1

Crop level effect on vine growth, fruit composition, and wine quality of Thompson Seedless grapevines, Davis, California. Data are the mean of six replicates (1969–1970).

No. of clusters per vine
Crop wt (kg/vine)9.0817.2324.1728.3
Pruning wt (kg/vine)5.774.444.33.82
Crop wt/pruning wt1.573.885.567.40
Total leaf area/vine (m2)36.226.825.423.2
Date fruit harvestedAug 10Aug 20Aug 27Sept 4
Total soluble solids (Brix)22.222.622.222.9
Titratable acidity (g/100 mL)0.850.710.660.62
Brix/acid ratio26.131.833.636.9
Leaf area/crop wt (m2/kg)3.991.551.050.82
Wine-tasting score (20 points)12.3813.012.8513.06