Table 1

Preparation of red wine aroma standards for use in sensory evaluation of 2001 Pinot noir and Cabernet franc wines. All standards based on 0.5 L of neutral red base wine. All reference solutions were initially prepared in 50 mL of base wine and then scaled up to 500 mL once an appropriate intensity was determined.

aPrepared by addition of 0.5 mL pure pepper stock in 150 mL base wine (stock solution), followed by addition of 0.17 mL stock solution to 50 mL base wine.
Cherry50 mL sour cherry concentrate
Red berry60 mL McCain fresh raspberry juice + 372 g E.D. Smith strawberry jam
Dark berry50 mL Ribena concentrate
Prune100 mL York canned prune plums, pureed
Vegetal70 mL No Name canned asparagus cuts brine + 10 mL fresh bell pepper puree + 200 mL Del Monte fresh-cut green beans, pureed + 100 mL Del Monte fresh-cut sweet peas, pureed
Black pepper0.006 mL pepper stocka