Table 5

Changes in berry weight, sugar, flavan-3-ol monomer, proanthocyanidin (PA) components, and extract in grapes and wine made at three different levels of grape maturity.

Berry wt (gm)Sugar (Brix)PA (mg/L)Seed PA extraction (%)Flavan-3-ol (mg/L)Extract (% w/v)
aValues with different letters are significantly different at p = 0.05.
    Early1.122.6 ba557 a60169 ab2.23 b
    Mid1.123.6 b512 a59179 a2.75 a
    Late1.025.3 a426 b68149 b2.86 a
    Early1.121.9 c549 a63135 c2.41 c
    Mid1.124.5 b554 a63158 b2.69 b
    Late1.026.4 a622 a66178 a3.24 a